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keuka lake hammondsport art show

The Keuka Lake Art Show awarded the following prizes to the participating artists during its 41st Annual Hammondsport Art Show on July 7 and 8 on the Village Square in Hammondsport.  Judging the 2007 show were Carol Geroux and Darryl Abraham, adjunct professors of art at Mansfield University, Mansfield, Pennsylvania.

Drawing & Graphics
1st Place - Mike Goscinsky
2nd Place - Laurie Adams-Weinman
3rd Place - Patricia Bushart

1st Place - Stephen LeBlanc
2nd Place - Helen Fuschetto
3rd Place - Karen Vogler
Honorable Mention - Nicole Ball

1st Place - (Elwyn Pierce Memorial Award)
Nick Moretti
2nd Place - Leah Corey
3rd Place - Stephen LeBlanc

1st Place (Myrna Marshall Memorial Award) - Sharon and Jim Yockel
2nd Place - Jane Irwin
3rd Place - James Hayes
Honorable Mention - Diane Bellenger

1st Place - Richard Lang
2nd Place - Kay Brooks
3rd Place -Dutch Hill Pottery
Honorable - Jeannie Nutting

Oils & Acrylics, Professional
1st Place - (Ralph Hall Memorial Award) Arlen Withey
2nd Place - Dustin Boutwell
3rd Place - Tom Hussey
Honorable Mention - Christopher Wheat

Oil & Acrylic, Amateur

1st Place - (Earl Blancher Memorial Award) Bob Bachman
2nd Place - Peter Rentz
3rd Place - Al Bergerson

Watercolors, Professional
1st Place - Carole Leicht
2nd Place - Bill Mowson
3rd Place - Bobbi Prince
Honorable Mention - Juanita Link

Watercolors, Amateur
1st Place - Colleen Whittall

Committee's Choice (Midge Bailey Memorail Award)
Judith Soprano

Jeanne M. Lent Memorial Award (College Student)
Kate Swarthout
Pat Lonan
Andy Dickerson

Jeanne M. Lent Memorial Award (High School Student)
Courtney Wilcox
Elizabeth Congdon
Maureen Flint

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