Impressive Art Pieces on Display in Canada

Impressive Art Pieces on Display in Canada

Many countries take great pride in their art galleries, and Canada is one of them. While many artists contribute to the industry in this country, some pieces are on exhibit which are undoubtedly thought to be some of the most notable.

Canadian Art Forms

Canada utilizes many different platforms for the displaying of art. This can range from galleries to private art shows, and even to enhance the decor of some of the most beautiful cities to be found within Canada.

Canadian Inspiration

The different forms of art which are found throughout Canada serve as an inspiration for many different industries. A good example of this is the digital marketing industry. Digital marketers have to develop many different skills to help them in their profession. They often enter into this industry through education, such as taking advantage of what the Digital marketing courses online in Sweden have to offer. Then, to enhance their creativity, they will make use of resources of different forms of art, much like that which is seen throughout Canada.

Canada Art

There are many art galleries in Canada, with one of the most impressive displays found at the National Gallery of Canada, open for public enjoyment. Here some of the most impressive pieces of art created by Canadian artists can be enjoyed, which include the following.

  • Joyce Wieland, Cooling Room II (1964): Joyce became recognized in Canada for her art in 1971. This is when the National Gallery of Canada displayed her art piece called “True Patriot Love”. What was distinct about this display, was that it was the first time a single piece of art, created by a Canadian female artist who was still alive, was put on display at this gallery. What makes Joyce’s art so unique, is using multimedia techniques in her finished piece. An example of this is Cooling Room II which is on display at the gallery.
  • Emily Carr, Seascape (1933): Emily Carr is a name which is highly recognized and respected, as an artist who had the ability to capture the beauty of Canada in many of her pieces. While there are many of her pieces on display in the National Gallery of Ottawa, one of the most favored is Blunden Harbour.
  • Tom Thomson, The Jack Pine (1917): Tom was noted for his connections to the Group of Seven. While Tom was recognized for the creation of many pieces of art, one of his most famous, concerning Canadian artistry, was his rendition of The Jack Pine. Tom was passionate about preserving nature through his artworks.

The National Gallery of Canada is located in Ottawa, Ontario and displays many fine works of art from all parts of the world.