South America

South America

Although South America has many world-class galleries and museums, the continent is more famous for street art and graffiti; contemporary art on public urban surfaces, where artists are inspired by the spaces around them.

Here is a selection of events, where you can see art in South America.


ArteBA: Buenos Aires Annual Contemporary Art Fair

ArteBA takes place at the Palermo exhibition centre La Rural and is one of the most significant contemporary art events in South America. The three-day event attracts over 120000 visitors from around the world each year. ArteBA showcases established local artists and provides a platform for emerging artists to get their work noticed internationally. The fair is also an opportunity for some of Argentina’s best museums to acquire new works.


ARTBO International Art Fair of Bogota

This eight-day event takes place from 12th to 19th December 2018 and is of great importance for the promotion of Colombia’s art scene. ARTBO provides a space for national and international galleries, artists and curators, to bring artworks of different materials and formats. It is one of the most critical cultural showcases for three-dimensional art in Colombia and provides opportunities for cultural exchange and research.


SP-arte: São Paulo International Art Festival

The annual art festival takes place in the historical Oscar Niemeyer Bienal Pavilion and brings together well-known art and design galleries, representing more than two thousand artists. During the event, the local cultural institutions and galleries run a parallel program, including exhibition openings and art tours that offer an overview of the local art scene, and panel discussions. In 2019, Sp-arte takes place from 3rd to 7th April.


Ch.ACO – Chile Contemporary Art in Santiago

This year, the annual art fair sees its 10th anniversary and takes place at the Vitacura in Santiago from Thursday 22nd to Monday 26th November 2018. Ch.ACO develops community art projects, by bringing together cultural institutions and individual artists. Through high-impact contemporary artworks that are integrated into urban communities, they create a space to address sociological, economic and social themes. The art pieces create a sense of belonging in the residents and strengthen the country’s presence in the international art world.


SIART Bolivia – International Art Biennial in La Paz

This year, the art event will take place from 10th November until 29th December. SIART generates a space for meetings, reflections and dialogue, around the processes and visions of contemporary art, allowing for an exchange of experiences and realities, from its diverse expressions. This is a meeting that intends to generate reflection, dialogue, integration, networking and future projects.