How Artists Can Get Into Art Shows

How Artists Can Get Into Art Shows

If you are an artist, one of the ways you can get your work known is by getting your pieces into art shows. The process of getting organisers of art shows to take an interest in your work and showcase it for other art lovers can be a challenge. That does not mean it is impossible. Some tips on how artists can get their art into shows are as follows.

Start Small

You should start by registering for small art shows, such as the ones that are organised in your community or town, before you think of applying for big international shows. It is through going for the small shows that you will gain the courage to approach organisers of bigger shows.

Create Good Quality Art

It undoubtedly goes without saying that it will be easier for your work to be accepted in art shows if it is of good quality. Do your research and find out the kind of art that the show you want to showcase your work in does. From there, come up with unique and exciting concepts that align with the theme of the show. For instance, if they need pieces on contemporary art, you should ensure yours fall in that category. Package your finished products in an appealing way. There are suitable frames at that you can use to make your work stand out.

Join an Association

If you want to increase your chances of getting your pieces into an art show, you should join an association of artists near you. Associations always get direct invites when art shows are being organised, and this keeps you informed on what is coming up so that you start planning early. You will also find mentors who will guide you on how to get your work noticed.