Is it possible to organize an art exhibition at home?

Is it possible to organize an art exhibition at home?

Organize an art exhibition at home? Why not! More and more artists and collectors prefer this option. The reason is simple; it has many advantages. However, the task is far from being easy and the organizer will have to do it carefully to be successful.

Not all homes are suitable

Most of those who plan to organize an exhibition at home do it to save money. However, it should be remembered that not all homes can adapt to this kind of event. If the home is not large enough or not sufficiently lit, it would be better to consider the possibility of organizing the exhibition elsewhere. If you live in a house, why not do it in the garden, if it is not microscopic. With good organization, success is guaranteed.

Choose carefully the works to be exhibited

All specialists will confirm this. It is quite rare for galleries to exhibit all the works of art they own. In fact, it practically never happens. In most cases, the works of art are exhibited according to the themes. Moreover, even if they exhibit only one artist, they limit themselves to a few works. It is advisable to respect the same law when doing it at home.

Focus on logistics

Organizing a home show means that strangers will walk around the house, and it will not always be easy to control their movements. To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is therefore advisable to lock all the rooms where the exhibition does not take place. In the same way, if you have valuables, it is better to hide them in the closed rooms.

Needless to say, the exhibition will also have to be advertised to attract interested people. The simplest option nowadays remains the internet. It is also possible to use word of mouth and the help of some galleries.