Behaviour tips for an art show

Behaviour tips for an art show

Attending an art exhibition is not like any other event that you might go to. While each one is different, there are some widely accepted rules for attendees about their behaviour, so here are a few things that you need to consider if you are planning to go.

Accept it for what it is

Most people have a specific type of art that they like. If you get invited to an event where the display does not meet your usual tastes then it is better not to proclaim loudly that you don’t like the pieces, or that you do not consider them to be ‘art’ at all. All that will happen is you will look as though you’re there under protest.

Don’t touch

This tip should be fairly obvious but there is always at least one person who gets much closer to the artwork than they should. Occasionally, there will be interactive exhibits where visitors are encouraged to touch the pieces, but check in advance if it is ok.

Don’t overdo it

Art shows often have a lot of perks and while it’s good to take advantage of them, it is better not to take too much for yourself. You may get to speak to the artist in person, but don’t hog all of their time and certainly don’t try to tell them how they could have done it better. There may be free drinks and it is advisable not to have too many – especially if you’ve decided that you don’t like what you see there.

Dress to impress

Occasionally an art show will have a dress code and it is a good idea to adhere to it. Most of them are not suitable for casual wear, so turning up in your exercise outfit of sports bras and leggings is not a good idea. This does not mean that one day an artist will not create an exercised-themed exhibition – guests invited to that show opening might be encouraged to dress according to the theme. Until then, attire such as sports bras should stay at home.

Finally, try to support the artist. Most don’t make a great deal of money from their artwork so if you do have some available funds and there is a piece that you particularly like, you should buy it. Having a unique piece of art on your wall is a good investment.