Using Plants for an Art Show

Using Plants for an Art Show

Plants are a wonderful way of incorporating natural elements of the great outdoors in a room. Wild, natural elements of all different colours and sizes have inspired artwork for centuries; painting the way to some of the world’s most famous pieces of art. Art shows are fun, social, spaces to showcase the work of a particular artist or a collection of different ones. Plants can be used to breathe some added colour and texture into such a creative space. Continue reading for our guide on using plants effectively at an art show.

Bringing the outside into the room

Art galleries tend to be large, open spaces that are designed carefully to highlight the artworks housed within them. More modern galleries can have more of an industrial feel about them, and particularly in rooms without windows, it can be all too easy to feel stuffy and too closed in. Plants are a good way of adding some external elements into a room, helping to make the air feel fresher and adding a splash of colour. Staff will be particularly thankful for elements such as plants, as they’ll be spending much more time in the space with fewer opportunities to go outside than visitors to the gallery.

Choose Carefully

When selecting plants for any kind of room, it’s important to do so carefully and with consideration for not just how they’ll look – but how they’ll survive too. Plants come in all shapes and sizes, each needing different levels of care to others. For an art gallery, it’s worth choosing plants that require lower levels of care as staff will be busy with other tasks. If the plant will be going in a room without natural light, choose one that doesn’t rely so heavily on sunlight and will be able to survive in such an environment. Apps such as make it easy to identify plants, whilst also providing simple to understand information on how to take care of them and the sort of environments they thrive the best in. No longer do you need to scroll through multiple sites searching for the information you need to best care for your plants.


An art show should naturally focus as much attention as possible on the pieces of art on display. This is why many galleries go for neutral colour palettes and are careful not to clutter the space with too many furnishings. The same philosophy should apply to plants. Select plants that complement the pieces on display without taking away from them. Choose plants that fulfil a benefit to the space, such as fresher air and more colour, rather than placing them anywhere for the sake of it. Next to doorways and as centrepieces on tables are good places for plants – particularly in an art gallery where the walls need keeping free for the art.